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Subject: Snodgrass Family Newsletter - Merry Christmas
Date: December 22nd 2017 9:37a.m.

Merry Christmas
From Les and Cathy Snodgrass

Oh my goodness! Where to start?

The Snodgrass Family Reunion was held in Nebraska this summer. Everyone had a great time, except for me (Cathy). A friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years had decided to stop by 29 Palms during a cross-country trip at the same time. I made the decision to stay home, only to have her cancel two days before she was to arrive. I was devastated that I’d missed the reunion and scrambled to get a plane ticket to Nebraska only to discover they were $1000! Apparently, there was some sporting event there and that was why the price was so high. Nevertheless, after talking with Les I went back to grab the ticket, saying to heck with the cost…only to find it gone. The best story I heard from the reunion was someone coming out of the bedroom in the morning and finding all the children spread out on the living room fast asleep. You know those kids had a blast.

On his way home from the reunion, Les road-tripped through the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. He saw a lot of beautiful scenery and visited Little Bighorn Battlefield. He also saw “Geese In Flight,” the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. He says it was pretty impressive. From the picture he sent, I agree.

There was additional excitement in our area when we got to view the partial eclipse from the shade of the new awning we finally had placed on the south side of our house. I wish we’d done that years ago. Not only did it cut the summer heat, it gave us a lovely place to sit and watch the rare rainstorm.

Another big event this spring was a record wildflower bloom thanks to a rain-filled winter. More than once Les and I dropped what we were doing to head out and look at the wildflowers. There were hundreds of desert lilies blooming this year. Some were five feet tall! Then came the caterpillars—thousands of them—all marching west, covering the streets and ground, devouring wildflowers as they went. When they went after my roses, they met my wrath. After that were the rodents creating havoc of their own, eating what the caterpillars didn’t, attacking the garden, making their home in Les’ garage, chewing the wires in vehicle engines. Les put traps out in July when he returned from Nebraska. To date we have caught 59 rats/mice, 20 ground squirrels, and 1 cactus wren. We might have caught more except the ants started to eat the peanut butter bait.

We made our annual trip to Austin to help Beatrice celebrate her 6th birthday. While we were there we also spent a wonderful day with friends. Beatrice started kindergarten this year and has received her yellow belt in martial arts. Bruce (almost 13) started Junior High, made the honor roll, and is playing flag football. Nicholas (11) is in his last year of elementary school, excelling in his studies, and is signed up to play basketball. I’d give you scoop on Jim, Tawnia, Omer, and Fran, but as Omer said it, “Once there are grandkids, the kids don’t matter anymore.”

In the spring I received a message from the Universe to slow down when I missed a step, fell, and shattered my wrist. It required surgery and an implant. It also required me to be patient. I spent my convalescence learning to write with my left hand and brushing up on my math skills.

I think that takes care of all the highlights. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Les and Cathy Snodgrass

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